So You Want To Be An Actor?

“When I Decided To Become An Actor, They Weren’t Too Happy”

Actor Benicio del Torro could be considered the kingpin for award nominations, as nearly every notable role played by this powerhouse actor has nabbed him an Academy Award nomination, BAFTA nomination, Screen Actors Guild win… the list goes on and on. So for all you aspiring actors or actresses out there, you’re probably wondering where he got his start. Jamie Foxx delves deep into The Sicario actor’s past in the latest “Off Script” interview.

“When I decided to become an actor, they were not too happy” says del Torro when speaking about his family, who are mostly lawyers. “I just took an acting class because I wanted it to be really easy for me.” del Torro did what many people are afraid to do in today’s world: take a leap of faith. Regardless of if it bounced him from San Diego to New York to Los Angeles, it got him his rightfully deserved time in the spotlight. del Torro cites his character, Fred Fenster, in his breakout film The Usual Suspects as the moment he knew he had finally made it in one of the most difficult industries to break into: Hollywood.

So what was his family’s reaction after he won his first Academy Award? The same family that were once disappointed in him for his choice to be an actor? They were ecstatic, of course, but del Torro cites his godmother in specific, who told him “Now that you won an Oscar, you can go back to college.”

Looking back at it, all of our family members have different values, each important to them in their own right. del Torro would not be where he is today if he had not defied his family. Remember, whether its in your career or in anything you do, its always best to choose the direction you want to go in life, not the direction your family, friends, or anyone else tells you to go.

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