Style News: The Slippers From The Wizard Of Oz Movie Have Been Found!

Bella Breakdown

Growing up one of the greatest movies of all time was the Wizard Of Oz. It never got old and it still never does. Do you remember the Wizard Of Oz ruby red slippers? Yes, the ones every little girl dreamed of having…the ones that have been missing for 13 years! Well, good news…. the FBI just recovered them! They were stolen from a Minnesota museum in 2005. There was a theory that local kids stole the slippers, then got scared and tossed them into a local mine. This sent divers searching frantically in 2015, but never found anything.

The security systems were down at the time when the slippers were stolen so there was no real lead until recently. In 1970, a costumer who went by the name of Kent Warner found them and sold them. He sold it for 2 million with Dorothy’s dress, a witch hat and a Munchkin outfit. Right now they are worth pretty much as much as a collector wants to pay for them. Talk about a gold mine.

Thankfully they were returned to the museum and will continue to be on display!

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