The Contact Lens That Fits Your Lifestyle

Enjoy The View

The best contact lenses are the ones you don’t know are there. Dailies total 1 multifocal contacts provide both comfort and functionality. Especially if you’re on the go most days, it helps to have wear a contact that fits not only your eye but your lifestyle.

Whether it’s during the day and you’re grabbing lunch with the girls, or during an evening date night, Dailies won’t interfere. They fit gently with a precision profile design.

With a multifocal, there are multiple prescriptions all in one contact lens. Dailies make it easy to adjust from things at a distance to something much closer, like a quick check of your makeup in the mirror. Instead of wearing glasses with multiple prescriptions, which can be very difficult to adjust to, pop in a Dailies multifocal lens and enjoy the view!

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