The Down Under Is Taking Down Plastic

Putting A Stop To Plastic Pollution

Australian regions collectively approved a ban on the selling of single use plastic bags to help decrease the plastic pollution afflicting the ocean.

The regions taking part in this plastic ban include the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, ACT, and Tasmania. There are some regions that are not committing to the new policy including New South Wales and Victoria.

Two of the biggest grocery chains, Woolsworth and Coles, have stopped offering their customers single-use bags but are offering alternative sustainable solutions. They offer solutions for their customers and encourage them to recycle reusable bags during shopping trips.

They offer reusable plastic bags free of charge and more durable alternatives for a surcharge. They offer plastic mix bags for $1 and an insulated chiller bags for $2.50. One of the best alternatives will be a canvas bag since it is a durable and sustainable materials.

Australia is home to one of the biggest reefs in the world, The Great Barrier Reef, but plastic pollution in the ocean is contributing to the die-off of coral reefs. These Australian regions hope that this ban will show the positive environmental benefits and encourage others to join the ban.

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