The Inner Workings (Or Handbag) Of Liza Koshy

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YouTube star Liza Koshy is everywhere we look and we get the exclusive insider look into the thing that carries her through the day that she happens to physically carry, her purse.

She carries the simple Rachel tote bag by Fossil ($110), that she in-fact carries a smaller Grace Small Box bag by Mark Cross ($2,395) to pop out when she is more on-the-go. Koshy says she keeps nothing in the smaller purse and she carries it to look “fancy.”

Koshy says that her staple items she needs all the time is deodorant and tampons, lots of them, in-case she’s with a friend in-need. Another essential is gum and Koshy admits that she has a phobia of bad-breath. One of her essential items is Poop Culture toilet spray for discreet bathroom time.

She also carries some accessories with her for on-the-run fashion including a couple of pairs of glasses, for a simple way to change-up your look. Koshy uses a lot of hand sanitizer and carries Honest perfume sanitizer spray (Bath & Beyond $2.99).

For a quick protein boost she carries pistachios for a nice snack throughout the day. During her busy day she likes to read in her spare time and is currently reading the book “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young.

Koshy’s key beauty product is Addict Ultra-Gloss lip gloss by Dior (Sephora $30).

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