The Inside Scoop On Starbucks’ Drinks

Bella Breakdown

We’ve found our Starbucks deep throat, and we want to share with you what we’ve learned. You heard it here first, the tips and facts you need to know about Starbucks, straight from the mouth of a former barista. Warning…some of this information may surprise you, and may make you think twice about what you order from the coffee queen.

Did you know….
-That iced caramel macchiato that you shake up and mix every time they hand it to you, well, it’s supposed to be layered.
-Espresso can go bad. If your drink tastes a little funny, one of the causes could be that the espresso sat too long and has indeed gone bad.
-A hot venti beverage contains the same amount of espresso as a grande.
-You DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT need to add extra syrup. Most of the flavored drinks already have enough syrup to max out your sugar allowance for the week.
-Cold brew is truly much stronger than regular iced coffee.
-There is no “secret menu.”

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