The True Hollywood Triple Threat

One Tony, two Oscars, three Golden Globes – what do all these things have in common? One of the greatest actors to grace the silver screen, Denzel Washington.

In a recent Off Script interview with Jamie Foxx he reflects on measuring success, while being one of the most humble actors in the game. When asked about when his big break happened and Denzel replies, “I’m still waiting.”

Washington makes it very clear that he feels acting is not a competition against others and that all he hopes is to get better through experiences offered in his acting roles. He goes onto say this is why he chooses to act in many different settings including on stage and in a studio.

Aside from being an acting star Washington also produces and directs because he likes facing new challenges. Washington has few regrets in turning down roles such as the role Brad Pitt would play in the movie Seven.

This shows that Denzel Washington is truly more than a triple threat. Check out the video above for more Denzel Washington.

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