This Glitter Fantasy Is Fabulous

The Glitter-Filled Makeup Tutorial

Jake Dupree, also known as Glitter Fantasy, takes us through this glamorous beauty regimen tutorial full of glitter, glam and plenty of fun! Here are Glitter Fantasy’s 5 Beauty Tips…try not to enjoy it!

1. Always lots of glitter! Though, you probably don’t want to inhale it like Glitter Fantasy does.

2. Highlight everything…and Glitter Fantasy means everything. It will make your skin look like glass…on the bridge of your nose, the apples of your cheeks, and you will knock all those haters away!

3. Also, contour everything. Again…almost everything. You can contour your face and your body, just in case you don’t quite have that perfect bod.

4. Sparkle your lips. Use that lovely sparkly lipstick or lip balm.

5. Look at your beauty! And Glitter Fantasy urges that this is the cherry on top of any beauty regimen.

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