This Is What Music Looks Like

Music Brought To Life

We all remember that one song that defined an important moment in our life. Whether it was graduation, our wedding, or falling in love with that special someone…music has so much power, and it’s simply audible. But what if you could see music> Have you ever wondered what that special song would look like? These visual representations of song lyrics will blow your mind. From psychedelic, to all of the feels…you get to watch these artists’ lyrics (literally) come to life. Genius and Dropbox partnered with 8 artists to create art installations inspired by lyrics. Sounds pretty cool, right?

What the project ‘Lyrics To Life’ boils down to is 8 artists, 8 song lyrics, and 8 installations.The artists were able to choose their favorite song lyrics that they wanted to bring to life. It’s interesting to see why the artists chose the lyrics the chose, similar to why we gravitate towards the song lyrics we do. What these incredible artists bring the likes of The Weeknd, Animal Collective, Niki Minaj and more to life!

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