The Best Time-Saving Beauty Products To Add To Your Morning Routine!

Bella Breakdown

Alright ladies, this is for you! You all know mornings can be tough especially with a family. If you’re anything like me running out the door on time has become a norm I totally wish wasn’t. With that being said, I’m constantly trying to find tips and tricks to help speed up the process.
I’d like to share one of my favorite tips with you and it’s to use the jade roller! If you haven’t used one yet or don’t own one then you have to try it out ASAP! It’s an awesome tool that you put in the refrigerator/freezer overnight and in the morning you roll it on your face. I like to roll it under problem areas like my eyes and cheekbones.

The jade roller helps to reduce puffiness and helps boost circulation. It is a true time saver as I am always using multiple creams and anything I can to get the puffiness to go away and now it’s all in one simple tool. For more awesome time-saving tips and tricks and how to use the jade roller be sure to check out the video above!

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