Tips For A Spectacular (Not Spooky) Halloween Party

Bella Breakdown

The best Halloween parties don’t have to be scary…they can just be unnervingly good! Here are a few pointers for those looking to throw a great Halloween party, not just a spooky one!

Make sure you take your time with your costume. Plan it well in advanced and even have a fun dress rehearsal with pals to work out any kinks in your fashion.

An interactive party always provides more thrills. So instead of just allowing socializing to take place, plan something to do. Whether it’s karaoke, a scavenger hunt, or some fun games, have a little structure to your big bash.

And what would a party be without candy (especially on Halloween)? Make sure to have an array of candies, not just chocolates…maybe even throw some vegan options in there!

One last pointer for your posh party, don’t make the theme to specific! Instead of stumping your guests, make it a more general theme so they find it easier to find that perfect costume.

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