Vino Hugs Keep Your Wine as Cool as You!

Yes, wine glass koozies exist. And yes, they’re just as cute as you’d imagine.
We recommend that you go ahead and buy them all… just sayin’.

Help Your Wine Beat the Summer Heat with Vino Hugs

For as long as we can remember the koozie industry has been discriminating against wine drinkers, sure all the beer is kept nice and chilly but what about our Riesling? Well, Oenophilia has broken the wine glass (pun intended) ceiling and created the CUTEST wine koozies out there! With an adorable array of colors and patterns, there is a koozie for every wine drinker, from chardonnay to pinot noir.

Not only are the Vino Hugs adorable and affordable, but they prevent the inevitable slippage and destruction that comes with drinking out of a stemmed glass! With a little extra grip you never have to worry about dropping your glass, be it stemmed or stemless the Oenophilia Vino Hugs can fit any type of wine glass!

If that didn’t sell you, here are five reasons you need to buy all the Vino Hugs RIGHT NOW!


We’ve all been there… surrounded by beer drinkers at a barbecue, only to be left alone with a warm glass of wine and no cool koozie to really show just how trendy you are! Well, FRET NO MORE! Show up to your next BBQ with your favorite bottle of wine and a Vino Hug that color coordinates perfectly with your outfit, just to make everyone jealous!

Boat Days

Sure, the go to ocean drink is a Corona, but some of us are just not that beer savvy. TBH I’d rather be sober than drink that stuff… but bringing wine to the beach or on a boat is a tricky task, the glass acts like a magnifier and heats that stuff up until it’s boiling. Luckily, Vino Hugs creates a trendy way to beat the heat and bring your favorite bottle to every beach or boat hang out!

Girls Night

Let’s be real, the best part of GNO is the pregame… now you can not only theme your pregame, but you can make sure you and all the ladies have matching Vino Hugs for your Instagram pics! Honestly, we’re only sharing this to help you get likes (and a little tipsy too).

Picnic Date

There is nothing cuter than a day with you bae under a shady tree with some delish homemade sandwiches and your fav bottle of wine. Now you can keep your wine cool and your date even cooler with Vino Hugs for you and your special someone! You could even give it to them as a special surprise, I mean, who wouldn’t love keeping their wine extra chilly on a hot day?!

For Your Mom

If your mom is anything like our moms (we’ve taken a census, and pretty much every mom is like our moms), she would absolutely love a cute accessory for her post-work glass of wine! Vino Hugs make the perfect gift for moms, get her favorite color koozie or go all out and pick a matching top too, so she can always feel chic while sipping her fav Pino Grigio!
Get your hands on this cute and clever wine drinker’s must-have HERE!

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