June Sarpong Chats About How She Achieves a Balanced Lifestyle

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Katherine Jenkins is sitting down with talented TV presenter and journalist June Sarpong to talk about when they feel the most insync with life. Immediately, once talking about their lifestyles they come to realize that they have one big thing in common. Even though they have different careers and ideas of work/life balance they found out that they share a love for charity work.

Katherine believes that “charity work is just so important for the sense of perspective.” It’s what makes her feel insync with the rest of the world. Along with everything else that she needs to feel healthy, charity work glues togeather the big picture.
June agrees 100% is right on point when she says, “the minute you take yourself outside of yourself and you focus on giving, I end up getting as much enjoyment out of charity work as I do from my career.” June feels insync when she’s able to be in service of some way. You will soon realize that once you give back you are really the one receiving.

This balanced feeling is what they strive to achieve in all parts of their life, both professionally and personally she tries her hardest to always be insync. What makes you feel insync?

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