Watch Joan Smalls’ Guide To Sculpting Your Skin

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Believe it or not Joan Smalls has been doing her own makeup for quite sometime now, which isn’t the norm for a supermodel and actress. Typically, they have people around the clock waiting on them hand and foot with a team of makeup artists. So how does she get her makeup to look so flawless on her own?

Joan usually starts out with her eyebrows. Since she has a scar above her eyebrow she tends to fill that in first, but she doesn’t fill using her natural color. She typically mixes between two colors both being a little bit lighter. Then, she moves onto her foundation. She uses a sponge to dab on her foundation and then moves right on to her eyes using her favorite eyeliner.

Her favorite style? The cat eye….well the kitten eye as she only goes half way with her cat eye. She then seals it with a once over liquid eyeliner. Once her cat eye has been perfected, Joan uses concealer under her eyes. She likes to go with a yellowish tint as that goes perfect with her skins undertone. Because the concealer she uses is lighter, she uses it to contour areas like her nose. Then, to top it off, she blends it all in with a sponge.

Next, she loves to contour! Who doesn’t!? First, she takes the brush and fills it with foundation that is darker then her completion. Starting at the bottom of her nose and finishes right at the end of her eyes giving her face a natural sculpt. Then, she fix the foundation and concealer in her hand and applies with a brush right under her eyes. She then uses powder and brushes it all over her face carrying it down to her neck.

But she isn’t finished! She contours and powders, mixing the two for her cheek bones. Highlighter is applied by her upper brow, along the bridge of her nose, and right above her lip. And now my favorite part…the bronzer, which she uses along her cheek bone. Her one go to tip? Lip balm is a muusssstttt!

And if you don’t own an eyelash curler you need to especially if your lashes don’t curl naturally; complete with mascara. For the last bit of her routine be sure to check out the video above!

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