Watch This Family Reunite With Their Dog After The California Wildfires

A Heart Warming End To A Wildfire

There’s nothing like the love and loyalty of a family pet, and there may be nothing scarier than thinking your pet may be in danger or lost. Then, add a natural disaster to the mix. This family knew they may lose their family home to a wildfire, and also thought they may loose their pooch. On October 9th, Clint and Kathy Weaver came to realize their California home was engulfed in flames. The family left immediately, only to realize their 9-year-old dog, Izzy, bolted in the opposite direction. What chaos; your home on fire and your furry friend bolts, and you cannot chase her.

After the fire subsided, Clint and Kathy’s son Jack, along with his brother-in-law, decided to go check out the damage and of course, hope to find Izzy. The remnants from thee fire was devastating. To see your property completely demolished is a humbling feeling. But, the silver lining, was seeing Izzy emerge. Watch the video Jack took to see the damage done to their property, but mainly to see Izzy reunited with her owners! Seeing her furry face come running out from under a tree will make your day.

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