What The Shape Of Your Eyes Means For Your Makeup Routine

What’s Your Eye Shape?

It’s always good to shake up your beauty routine and learn some new things. Refinery29 is here to show us how we can add more shape to our eyes with these makeup tutorials. Maybe you really just want to watch makeup artists turn women into famous movie characters, which Refinery29 also gives us in these videos, but we also get some great tips about what our eye shape means for our makeup routine!

Did you know your eye shape has a lot to do with how you should be doing your eye makeup? Maybe you already knew that, and kudos to you! If this is the first time you are even wondering what shape your eyes are, don’t worry…that was kind of us, too. That’s why the internet was invented! So we could learn how to up our makeup game for that perfect cat-eye.

How to do your eye makeup, based on the shape of your eyes:

Monolid eyes: This shape is already cat-eye in nature, so vamp it up by using multiple layers of cat-eye with shadow or liner colors.
Almond eyes: You lucky lady…this is the easiest shape to work with because you can pull off basically any look. Shoot for the moon!
Round eyes: These look gorgeous rimmed with one shade that compliments the eye color.
Hooded eyes: Go for the banana-shaped smokey eye, and don’t worry about smudging…it will go with the look.

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