10 Common Kitchen-Cleaning Mistakes You’re (Probably) Making

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Bella Breakdown

Cleaning the house isn’t a job that people want to do, but it’s important in maintaining sanitary living conditions. However, though cleaning is something we’ve all done since childhood you might be cleaning your kitchen all wrong.

The one mistake people could be making and don’t even know it is that they don’t clean their kitchen from top to bottom. We’ve all done it once or twice, but sweeping the floor before cleaning your countertops is a true waste of time. One thing to keep in mind when cleaning the kitchen is to go from top to bottom, so sweeping and mopping should be the final steps of cleaning your kitchen.

Though using homemade cleaning products is good for the environment and your body, they aren’t stronger than store-bought products. If you’re taking the time to deep clean your kitchen, you’ll want to ditch the homemade products for the heavy duty ones like bleach and other disinfectants.

It’s important to note that cleaning some countertops with vinegar or even vinegar-based products will do more harm than good. Stone countertops, in particular, can be damaged by acidic products like vinegar and lemon.

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