10 Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

Bella Breakdown

From a great pair of supermodel jeans to an oversized knit sweater, these wardrobe staples will keep you looking good year round. By now, you have tried enough trends to know what works for you. Hopefully you are ready to invest in the pieces that are wardrobe staples.

The Must-Have List

1. Supermodel jeans – you’ll feel like Cindy Crawford in a 90’s Coke commercial with these pants.

2. The instead of leggings dress – and easy dress that’s flattering and comfortable.

3. A sophisticated swimsuit – you’ll want to buy a suit that subtly sexy but still classic.

4. Whole paycheck boots– you’ve earned a pair of nice shoes! Look for boots in a luxe material for day and night wear.

5. A variety of undergarments – it’s time to expand your stash beyond the bare bones basics.

6. A travel outfit that would make Jackie O proud – we are partial to oversize knits, slim jeans and slip-on shoes.

7. A high drama top – a top that’s fabulous without looking too fussy.

8. Three formal dresses you actually like – one sexy cocktail dress, one elegant black tie number and one dress that’s classic for work events.

9. Big girl workout clothes – clothes that both support you and look cute will inspire you to stay fit and healthy.

10. Important meeting tailoring – it’s time to buy a perfect suit, now that you’re the interviewer, not the interviewee. Focus on a tailored two-piece, a chic blazer or power player trousers.

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