10 of Our Favorite Movies Turning 20

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It doesn’t feel as though it’s been two decades since Lindsay Lohan was giving one of her greatest performances, playing two very charming redheaded twins that are determined to reunite their estranged parents in the 1998 remake of the ‘Parent Trap’. Elaine Hendrix, who played arguably one of the most convincing villains of all time as the girls stepmom to-be Meredith Blake says, “It’s one of those things where, living it as intimately as I did, it feels like it was just yesterday. But on the other hand it was 20 years ago”.

Our generation is no stranger to the obsession of nostalgia. I believe millennials as a whole have made it a goal to re-boot every move and television show we have ever loved, while still putting a more politically correct spin on it. We share the same sentiment as Elaine, feeling as it was just yesterday that we were watching one of the most terrifying ear-piercing scenes of all time.

A lot of films have hit the two decade mark this year, some of which are set to get their own remake, if they haven’t already. Here are ten movies you may not have known were celebrating their 20th anniversaries in 2018:

1. “Mulan”

2. “The Wedding Singer”

3. “A Bug’s Life”

4. “There’s Something About Mary”

5. “Patch Adams”

6. “The Truman Show”

7. “Ever After”

8. “Saving Private Ryan”

9. “Godzilla”

10. “The Waterboy”

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