3 15-Minute-Flat Party Recipes You’ve Never Seen

Bella Breakdown

If anyone knows how to get amazing food, made fast, it’s a food truck chef. These culinary experts crank out delicious dishes, in tiny spaces, and in tiny amounts of time! So, if you need some tips for making a meal that’ll please guests with ease, fast, Jared Cotter’s got your order. He talked to Shahe Koulloukian, chef on the Flying Pigeon Food Truck, to get you the lowdown on 3 quick-fix party food treats.

1. Margarita Mix Ice Cream Float: All you have to do is take French vanilla ice cream and add Cuervo Classic Margarita Mix. Then, add a little bit of pomegranate juice and cream soda for color and flavor. Sprinkle the seeds from a pomegranate and some chopped walnuts in the layers for texture. Complete the drink with some lemon lime soda.
2. Trifle: First create a topping of whipped cream, Nutella, and Chambord liqueur. Add it over chopped madeleines and gingerbread cookies.
3. Pulled Pork Monkey Bread: Begin by cutting slices in a crusty roll and brush the entire top with store bought pesto. Stuff the crevices with salami, prosciutto and pulled pork. Top the entire thing with a heap of mozzarella and put it into a toaster oven.

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