3 Cheap Dollar Store DIY Projects to Update Your Home Décor

Bella Breakdown

Who doesn’t love a good, cheap way to update your home decor? We at Refinery29 are always looking for ways to make our living spaces pop. With the help of professional organizer Bea Copeland, we have put together three DIY projects that you just can’t miss out on trying!

All you need are items that can be quickly purchased at any dollar store near you!

1. Pencil Holder: To make this, remove the label from a can – any can will do. Remove the excess glue from the can. Once the can is empty, use a screwdriver to remove any sharp edges on the inside. Next, you will need colored pencils. One by one, hot glue the colored pencils to the can.

2. Side Table: Begin with a dollar store trash can. Apply glue with a hot glue gun to the rope and attach the rope to the trash can, working the rope around it in a circular fashion.

3. A Teacup for the Queen: Take a clean tea cup and apply rubbing alcohol where you want to add color. Immediately start to add the ink before the rubbing alcohol dries. Blow the ink dry using a straw. This creates a watercolor effect. Continue adding different shades of ink. Let the ink dry and lock in the color by applying a dishwasher safe sealant.

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