3 DIY Royal Wedding Party Ideas

Bella Breakdown

If you’re as obsessed with the royal family as we are and are planning to host a watch party during the upcoming wedding, then these three DIY royal wedding party ideas are for you.

Celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan Markles’ “I dos” by sipping lemon elderflower cocktails. Not only are these classy cocktails delicious, but they mimic the flavor of the royal wedding cake, making them oh so appropriate.

Accessorize with fascinators. These iconic small hats are synonymous with British culture and are so easy to make on your own. Get creative with glue and scissors, and make your fascinator sparkle like Markle.

Finally, make a fun game for your guests, such as Mad Libs: When Harry Met Meghan Edition. This game is great for large groups and always makes for a good laugh.

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