3 Ways To Reverse The Aging Process Overnight

Bella Breakdown

Studies show that more and more millennial are taking an interest in reversing the aging process. Instead of searching far and wide for the latest and greatest anti-aging products, use these three plastic surgeon recommended tips to help you maintain your youthful glow. They are so simple, you can literally do them in your sleep.

Sleep propped up on your back.
When your head comes down to your heart level, the fat in your eye socket swells and pushes out into the eyelid, causing unwanted puffiness and bags.

Use silk or satin sheets.
The creases in regular cotton sheets cause the collagen fibers in your skin to stretch. This recurring cycle can lead to a loss of elasticity in the face and ultimately result in sagging skin.

Get a humidifier.
As you sleep, you gradually lose humidity in your skin. Using a humidifier will keep your skin moist and supple.

Work these habits into your nightly routine and you’ll be the envy of your classmates at your 20-year reunion.

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