4 Ways to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Bella Breakdown

Long distance relationships can be rough. Whether you met online but live states apart or if you are in a long-term relationship pursuing careers in different parts of the globe, with the current trends in technology there’s only going to be more of them. We know it’s hard, so here’s 4 ways to make your long distance love life last.

Tech talk: technology is your bestfriend when you’re physically apart from your partner. Don’t just use text and email either, enable video on your phone and computer so you can see each other, have a virtual dinner date or watch a movie together online.

Regular visits: See each other as much as your schedule and bank account allow, at least once a month if you can and be sure to take turns travelling to see each other and pick locations to meet-up for a fun getaway too.


Regular activities: Make sure you see each other in your usual hum-rum routines to gauge your compatibility living together, not just on love-filled vacation.

Keep talking: Make sure your values are aligned and you communicate any deal breakers upfront. With tech talk, regular visits, activities and communication, your long distance relationship can stay healthy and strong.

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