5 Days of Natural Remedies & DIY Face Masks

Bella Breakdown

This particular episode of ‘Try Living with Lucie’ is a week of going “au natural”. While many of the things Lucie is going to try for one week are considered pseudoscience, why not go in with an open mind?

Some people are regular participants in these treatments and swear by them. Acupuncture is the first thing Lucie tried. It is one of the oldest forms of traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese believe that “qi”, or your life force is circulating throughout the body along meridians. When the meridians get blocked, the energy is also blocked. Therefore, tiny needles are used to release the blockages. Lucie felt physical results – more energized and ready for the day.

On day two, Lucie tried out some organic skincare products made by Crude. She used a cleansing oil and a detox mask. Additionally, she made a lemon and honey rub made by spooning honey onto a piece of lemon and rubbing it on to her face. For a moisturizer, Lucie combined turmeric with coconut oil and rubbed it on her face.

On day three, Lucie learned all about essential oils. She even made an aromatherapy play dough that helps relieve stress.

On day four, Lucie tried cupping, another ancient form of alternative medicine. It is meant to stimulate blood flow and loosen up tight muscles.

On day five, Lucie tried the benefits of herbal medicine. The herbs are not always used for medicinal purposes, but rather as dietary supplements. At the end, she felt wholesome, fresh and connected to the earth.

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