5 Foods To Eat If You Want To Feel Sexier (And Who Doesn’t?!)

Bella Breakdown

While chocolate may be the quintessential symbol of romance, it’s not the only food considered to be an aphrodisiac. We reached out to the experts who explained what you should eat to boost your libido:

1. Olive oil. Olive oil can help increase blood flow, especially when substituted for saturated fats.
2. Maca powder. This trendy health food can be added to smoothies or açai bowls to boost hormone levels and increase energy.
3. Mussels. Mussels and clams have two types of amino acids that increase sex hormones in both sexes.
4. Red pepper. Any herbs and spices you use in your cooking can reduce inflammation and help you feel more healthy overall.
5. Almonds. Almonds offer the nutrient riboflavin which can boost your energy levels.

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