5 Stress Reducing Yoga Poses

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If you are looking to reduce stress holistically, yoga is one of the best ways to clear the mind. It can be intimidating at times, especially if you go on Instagram and see all of the famous ‘yogis’ busting out incredible poses in incredible places. But you shouldn’t let that deter you from the real benefits of yoga, which have nothing to do with how many handstands you can do or how deep you can get into the splits. The real health benefits can be achieved through basic-level yoga, which will help with healthy flexibility and also aid in calming the mind. Take it at your own pace and use yoga to help reduce your stress!

1. Fish pose: This pose stretches the deep hip flexors and the muscles between the ribs. The neck and upper back muscles also get a nice stretch and release.
2. Garland pose: This pose stretches the ankles, groin and back. Rest your heals on a blanket if they don’t touch the floor just yet.
3. Hero pose: This will help to relax your entire body. If you cannot lie fully on your back, you can remain kneeling on your knees until that flexibly is attainable. This pose is great for better digestion and helps with menstrual pain.
4. Child’s pose: This pose is the ultimate relaxation pose. You can open your knees, bringing big toes together, to help open your hips more.
5. Sleeping swan: This is a deeper stretch, and can release any tension in the hips. If you feel too much pressure on your knee or ankle, slide a block or pillow under your glutes to prop you up.

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