Show Yourself a Little Love: Ways to Rejuvenate Your Life This Year

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Doesn’t a face mask and a hike sound good right now? Start your year off right with some tips that will help ease your mind, body, and soul. R29’s Lucie Fink is starting her year off with five days of rejuvenation.


On day 1 she got a facial. Liquid microdermabrasion stimulates collagen production while removing dead skin cells. This is a great way to make your skin glow.


On day 2, Lucie discovered Binaural Beats on YouTube. This is a great way to rejuvenate your brain. One frequency of music goes into each ear, combining into a third frequency in your brain — the binaural beat. This helps you to calm down and think more clearly.


On day 3, Lucie decided to test out a bunch of new beauty products. She started with magnesium bath flakes, which sooth sore muscles. She also tried a dried flower blend that you spoon into warm water and breathe in. She drank a vitality tea, used a muscle oil to sooth pain and used a green tea-infused matcha soap bar.


On day 4, Lucie tried something new. She had an hour-long session with a hypnotherapist. She learned also about crystals and chakras.


On day 5, Lucie took a hike by herself in nature. This was a perfect end to her five-day rejuvenation experiment.

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