6 Reasons Why Avocados Rock

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It seems you can’t go to any food blogger’s page without seeing an avocado somewhere. Avocados aren’t just good on toast; they have many health benefits that you make not know of! They are known for their ability to replace painkillers, coffee, multivitamins and dieting! Now that right there is quite an impressive list, but we aren’t done with this fruit yet. Let’s be honest…the avocado does give us guacamole, and for that, we are grateful. Whether you’re already an avid fan, or looking to incorporate more of them into your diet, here are some pretty solid reasons why avocados just simply rock!

1. Full of healthy fats: Avocados contain monounsaturated fats. These fats are important for lowering cholesterol levels.
2. Cholesterol: The super fruit lowers bad cholesterol, and raises good cholesterol. So basically, your clear arteries have avocados to thank!
3. Painkiller substitute: Avocado extract has some major anti-inflammatory power, so it’s a great natural way to relieve pain.
4. Blood pressure: The potassium in an avocado helps “kill” effects of sodium levels in the body, which in turn will help lower blood pressure.
5. Bone health: Avocados are rich in Vitamin K, Copper and Folate which you body needs to help strengthen your bones.
6. Digestion: One avocado will give you around 50% of your daily fiber intake, which will help you to have more regular and healthy bowel movements.

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