6 Things You Should Be Doing After An Intense Workout

Bella Breakdown

Some days you sit on the couch and eat pizza, other days you go to the gym and live a fit life! It’s all about moderation, right? Well, just because you left the gym doesn’t mean you’re home free just yet. There are some key things you should do the day after an intense workout, and they help with recovery time and overall health.

6 things to do the day after an intense workout

1. Sleep-this is when those muscles you just worked rebuild and repair. Get your 8 hours!

2.Hydrate- a gallon of water a day can give you glowing skin, healthier hair and nails, and prevent cramping.

3. Foam roll- the foam roller breaks up adhesions and keeps the blood flowing (PS foam rollers are relatively inexpensive).

4. Eat your protein- shoot for 20-30 grams post workout.

5. Utilize the sauna- they are scientifically proven to improve endurance.

6. Get active rest- things like swimming help keep you active without over working your body!

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