7 Mental Health Tips Therapists Give Their Patients

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Mental health has recently become more commonplace to discuss, which is great as many people suffer from mental health issues. Whether it’s celebrities like Demi Lovato speaking out on her own personal battles, or just the different social media platforms that allow people to talk openly, the stigma is slowly being removed. It’s no longer considered ‘crazy’ to go see a therapist. In fact, therapists are much more mainstream now, and there are many specialized therapists who can offer you much more specific support. Marriage counselors, eating disorder specialists, anger management coaches…if you are dealing with any issues, there’s a good chance someone can help you.

You’re not alone. We often begin to isolate when we are under stress or we are dealing with heavy things. Always remember, you are not alone, and there are more than likely many others dealing with similar issues. Here are some mental health tips from the mouths of therapists and hopefully they can help you on your own journey:

1. Write down your thoughts: Dust off that journal…journaling can help you vent without involving others as collateral damage.
2. Find the bright side: See if there is a positive spin to the situation at hand.
3. Take daily walks: These can be very low-key, but give yourself some fresh air and allow yourself to recharge in nature. It can often help you think much clearer and let go of stressors that were previously bothering you.
4. Counter negativity with positivity: Each negative thought that comes to mind, try and flag it…then, slowly begin to implant your mind with positive thoughts to counter those negative ones. Hopefully, over time, your negative thoughts will fade and positive ones will prevail. Keep in mind that negative thoughts won’t ever be entirely gone, but practice countering them.
5. Make a list of ‘your people’: Remind yourself of all the people you count on, and those you can call or text whenever you need some help. This may remind you of how good you really do have it.
6. Stop negative thought spirals by writing: Similar to countering negative thoughts with positive ones, when the negative spiral gets out of hand, try writing down positive ones. Writing has a way of imprinting things into the brain differently, as we must think, write and then see what we’ve written.
7. Build your self-care arsenal: Find the little things that bring you peace, and have a plan for how and when you can implement them. Don’t wait until you feel broken to take care of yourself. Whether it’s sitting down with your favorite book, maybe a morning job, or perhaps a bubble bath…no matter what your self-care looks like, start making those peaceful things a priority.

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