7 Times It’s OK to Say ‘No’ at Work

Bella Breakdown

It’s not always easy, but there are times when it’s OK to say no at work. Here are seven times it is absolutely OK to say no at work:


Say NO…

1. To extra EXTRA work. Give your boss a clear picture of your workload and say no if you are too overwhelmed.

2. To needless networking. Remember your own goals for meeting new people if you are cornered at networking night.

3. To unrealistic overtime. Open up to your boss to find a solution if you can’t put in extra hours at a certain time.

4. To being someone’s cop out. Helping colleagues is great, but avoid falling into a trap of doing other people’s work.

5. To violating your ethics. If asked to do something that feels wrong – listen to your gut or talk to HR.

6. To excessive travel. Work with your boss to create a more balanced travel schedule that will make you happy.

7. To things you cannot do. Your boss would rather know the work is outside your skill set than fix big mistakes.

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