9 Rules For De-Cluttering Your Kitchen For Good

Bella Breakdown

While right now seems like the perfect time for you to renovate your kitchen, but that may not be what you need. Instead of spending money on a kitchen face-lift try out these steps to permanently de-clutter your most popular room in the house.

First thing you should do is take inventory of everything in your kitchen. Yes, everything. The problem with a cluttered kitchen is that you have an abundance of items that you don’t even use. So pull everything out and place them into groups and separate them based on how often you use each one.

When you’ve established the kitchen appliances that you actually make use of it’s now time to decide whether you wish to donate it or toss it. If you have three of the same type of pan, donate it. If something is broken, a pot missing a handle then throw it away.

Now that you’ve played the keep it or toss it a game, put the appliances and cookware you plan to keep in sensible places. Put pots and pans that you use frequently in somewhere that you can get to them easily.

Any cookware or appliances that are used every now and then can go in less accessible cabinets. Special items that you only bring out once a year should be taken out of the kitchen altogether and stored in a garage.

Learn more de-cluttering tips in the video above.

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