9 Ways to Bounce Back After a Bad Night’s Sleep

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Had a rough night of sleep? Here’s how to bounce back and face the day.

1. Eat Right Away

Sleep deprivation can affect your hunger signals, making it hard to keep cravings in check. Eating protein at breakfast will give you energy throughout the day.

2. Get Some Sun

Bright light helps to wake you up. Try stepping outdoors or turning on the lights if you are feeling groggy.

3. Get Moving

Exercise is a great way to jumpstart your day. Even a few stretches or jumping jacks will help get your blood pumping and clear away the cobwebs.

4. Deep Breathing

Focused breathing can wake you up in the same way exercise does. A minute of breathing deeply in the morning will help you feel more alert.

5. Get Chilly

A warm shower can make you even sleepier than before. Taking a cold shower, or even running your hands under cold water, will help wake you up.

6. Try Not to Nap

It sounds obvious, but staying awake until bedtime will help you fall asleep easier. If you can’t resist napping, though, limit yourself to 45 minutes to avoid grogginess.

7. Drink Water

Dehydration can make you feel fatigued. Drink between 2 and 3 liters of water during the day to maintain proper hydration.

8. Avoid Screens After Dark

Though comforting to some, the glow of electronic devices can keep you awake at night. It’s best not to focus on your phone for the two hours prior to bedtime.

9. Drink Coffee

Coffee reduces adenosine, which your brain releases when your sleep deprived. Steer clear of it in the afternoon, though, to avoid trouble winding down come nightfall.

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