A Foundation of Friendship

Bella Breakdown

The friend zone can be seen as a hellish place to be put by someone you have romantic interest in. A lot of people think that it’s a negative place to be, and to those people I say, for shame!

A friendship is more often not, one of the strongest foundations a relationship can start from. Even if a relationship never blossoms, are you really upset that you got a good friend out of it? I would hope not.

It’s important to remember that as friends, you actually are far more yourself than you are when you’re dating someone. Friendships allow you to get to the intimate parts much faster than a romantic relationship. That being said, it’s important to always respect that it is just that, a friendship.

If you find yourself too emotionally invested, it’s important to be honest and communicative. It doesn’t always pay off romantically to disclose your feelings of “more than friendship”, but at the very least you’ve been honest with someone you care about and you can take it from there.

So many wonderful relationships have begun from friendships. There is a lot more trust, and you truly know what makes that other person tick, and you can still deal with it anyways. It might be the long road, but a friendship turned relationship is usually well worth the wait.

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