A Grande Surprise

Bella Breakdown

Looks like Ariana Grande won’t be bouncing “Side to Side” anymore, as she has a metaphorical (and physical) rock tying her down. That’s right. The pop star is engaged and she’s got a huge ring to prove it.

After three weeks of dating and just recently going public with a blossoming romance, it looks like Ariana is being a very Dangerous Woman by tying the knot so quickly with Saturday Night Live actor and comedian Pete Davidson.

Some might support her decision, other’s might oppose it, but at the end of the day the former Nickelodeon star has every right to make her own choices, and who are we to judge? The 24-year-old has spent so long in the spotlight and just recently ended things with previous boo-thing Mac Miller.

We’re just hoping that there will be “No Tears Left To Cry” if it ends up being too soon to settle down. Does anyone really get to know their partner within three weeks of dating? Or maybe they’ve been friends for way longer. Either way, their have been plenty of signs that Davidson is very into the “Into You” singer.

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