Add These Essentials To Your Kitchen

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How aware are you of the utensils, appliances and cookware you have in your kitchen? Listen, we aren’t here to judge…this article is for every level of chef out there! Whether you are a working mom, a stay-at-home dad or just plain love to cook, make sure you have these essentials in your kitchen! Who knows, maybe the addition of the right tools is all that old recipe needs to be reborn!

Barebones kitchen essentials everyone should have:
1. Cutting board: not only for sanitary purposes, a cutting board is also handy to prolong the life of your knife blades. Also, perhaps prolong the life of your finger!
2. Wooden spoon:
3. Chef’s knife: These bad boys can be rather intimidating in size, but once you learn how to use them properly they can save you so much time and effort during your prep work.
4. Stainless steel measuring cups: One of the benefits of stainless steal measuring cups is they’re durable. They will last you the rest of your cooking days!
5. Tongs: Tongs are very multi-purposeful. You can use them to toss a salad, pluck something out of a boiling pot, or even to turn a piece of salmon on the grill top.
6. Baking sheet: Okay, so we are kind of hopeful you already have a baking sheet. A great way to prolong the life of this multi-purpose cooking item is to put either tinfoil or parchment paper.

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