All Of The Details On Meghan Markle’s Dress

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What got more attention, Meghan Markle or Meghan Markle’s dress? We are calling it a close tie. There are many questions behind the newlywed’s dress, here are some details that you may not know. The dress was designed by Claire Waight Keller. The designer worked closely with Markle in order to make her the perfect gown for her special day. Keller is very prominent in the fashion industry. She was the first woman appointed as artistic director at the iconic French fashion house.

The gown is sleeved because of tradition. The gown is also required to match the venue as well as the bride’s personality. Needless to say, Keller had her work cut out for her. The price tag was probably six figures. Haute couture gowns like this one can cost as much as $340,000. Because the royal family paid for the wedding, Markle paid for the dress herself. It was reported that Markle was incredibly emotional when she said “yes to the dress.” And the best part is, Prince Harry had NO idea what it looked like. He was just as surprised as the rest of us.

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