Another Reason to Love Scotland

Bella Breakdown

What is there not to love about Scotland? Rolling hills of green, rich history, fantastic people, golf! And the kicker? The invention of the Golden Retriever!

Scotland recently celebrated the 150th anniversary of the creation of the Golden Retriever at the breed’s ancestral home in the Highlands. The Scots partied in style, holding the Guisachan Gathering, a four day festival dedicated to over 300 Golden Retrievers and their owners. The Golden Retriever fest featured activities such as informational lectures, games and picnics, afternoon tea, and even a gala dinner!

The video of these happy pups frolicking in fields of green is enough to make you hope that Scotland decides to host a 151st anniversary, solely so you can be there to witness all of the joy.

This breed is, interestingly enough, often associated with the perfect “All American” family. These beautiful dogs live on in our hearts with beloved stars such as Air Bud, Shadow from ‘Homeward Bound’, and Comet from ‘Full House’, to name a few.

They are a spunky, energetic, sometimes mischievous, but always loyal breed of canine. We owe it to the people of Scotland, specifically a man known as Lord Tweedmouth, for creating one of our favorite and most cherished breed of dog! Paws to you Scotland!

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