Apply Fake Eyelashes The Right Way

Bella Breakdown

I tried fake eyelashes once. After that, I said to myself that I would never do it again. They were very hard for me to put on and they just didn’t look right. And then, halfway through the night, they started to come off!

After watching this video, I realized that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I probably looked like a total fool to makeup connoisseurs who saw my flimsy fake lashes falling off my face. Now, with the advice in this video, I have renewed faith in my ability to put on eye lashes correctly and keep them on. If you do apply them correctly, they can really make your eyes pop and add to your glam.

First, make sure you curl your lashes. Then, use tweezers to wiggle the strip of lashes you want to apply. Next, put the provided glue on the lashes in a line that follows the base of the lash. Do not dot the glue on.

Make sure you don’t put the lashes on right away. Wave them with your tweezers and blow on them to let the glue set a bit. Then, still using the tweezers, put the lashes under your actual lash line. Start with the outer corner and then set the inner corner.

Finally, push the lashes closer to they eye by pinching them to your lid. Once the lashes are on, apply one more coat of mascara, and viola! You have got some bold, beautiful eyelashes.

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