Are We Sure About The Newest Bachelor?

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The latest ‘Bachelor’ has been chosen, and it’s a strange pick. Colton Underwood was chosen as the lucky star for the next season of ‘The Bachelor’. Colton was recently in headlines for his stint on “Bachelor In Paradise” after he and Tia Booth had a very sad breakup. They had been back and forth for most of the season of Paradise.

Colton actually finally made it official with Booth, but within the next few episodes decided he need to leave and find something that made him happy, instead of trying to make other people happy. Commence eye roll.

Colton, from ABC’s perspective, is probably going to be the best TV. Colton has been associated with three different NFL teams. He actually dated Olympic Gold medalist, Aly Reisman in 2016. Colton has a little push behind his name, so why not make him the next bachelor? Oh, and he’s a virgin. That’s always a nice little spin. Hmm, wonder what will happen on the next season?

‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ fans are not thrilled with the choice, especially after his public breakup with Tia. The general consensus from the show’s fans is definitely not thrilled. But hey, what are the odds they won’t watch?

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