Are You Too Comfortable?

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There comes a point in every relationship when you realize that you are really comfortable with your partner. You can truly be yourself in every way. It can be exciting to realize that you are your partner are sharing this new level of comfort and intimacy with one another. But, could you be too comfortable?

Studies have shown that women tend to feel comfortable less quickly than men. Men, on average, are okay with sleepovers with their partner within the first three months, where it takes women about four. When it comes to sleeping in the buff, men are comfortable within 2.8 months, where it takes women 3.9. Using the bathroom with your partner around tends to take the longest for couples to get comfortable with. On average, it takes men about 8 months to get comfortable using the bathroom with their partner around, where it takes women 11 months.

It seems as though actually getting the the point of comfort is a feat in and of itself. So maybe being “too comfortable” isn’t really a worry if it’s taken you a significant amount of time to get there. Of course we want to keep things fun and exciting in a relationship, but lets admit it, being yourself with your partner is pretty fun too.

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