Avoid The Holiday Weight Gain

Bella Breakdown

Halloween has just ended, and we know you are probably snacking on some leftover candy, or the next day discounted stuff from the store. No judgment here, but you may also be worried about all of the food that is coming your way in November and December.

A lot of people know they’re prone to gaining a bit of weight during the holidays, and then swearing by New Years to go on a new work out regimen. When that regimen doesn’t happen the cycle just seems to continue. There is a way out of that bad holiday eating behavior though.

1. Indulge on the actual holiday. Limit your eating to just the days the holiday falls on. Consider these your cheat holidays.

2. Control your portions. It’s often tempting to go back for seconds, thirds, and even fourths. However, you can still enjoy all of that delicious food if you just limit your self to a plate… and a half.

3. Maintain a workout routine. If you’re working out on a weekly basis, it’s okay to eat a little worse than normal. Maybe add in an extra run, or an extra day of working out.

4. Don’t get down on yourself about a slip up. You’re human, it’s okay to grab a few cookies. Don’t beat yourself up about it!

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