Awesome Game Day Treats

Bella Breakdown

It’s October, which means we are in the beginning of football season. Every given Sunday, Monday, and Thursday we gather around the television, or our phones to watch our favorite team either dominate, or break our hearts for yet another year. If you’re not necessarily into the game, you might be into all of the food it has to offer. Pizza, wings, chips, beer. If you find yourself sick of all the usual foods, you might be into cooking up something a little more creative come game day.

1. Mongolian Wings
This recipe will take you out of the usual, and into some major flavor. Mongolian wings are flavorful and delicious and definitely deviate from the usual buffalo or barbecue wings!

2. Bacon Wrapped Pickles
Who doesn’t love bacon wrapped anything? Especially pickles. This item will be an addiction addition to your game day line up. You will probably end up having to make a lot more.

3. Ribs
Get creative with different kinds of rib rubs. Barbecue, spicy, savory. Ribs are an amazing treat to distractedly eat while you cheer for your favorite team.

4. Get A Different Beer
Switch up your usual light, domestics for an craft IPA, stout, or even a red. Your guests will definitely appreciate the change in flavor.

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