Babies And Budgets

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There are so many overwhelming factors when it comes to planning to have a baby. There’s the planning, the decorating, the actual birth, safety factors, and of course at the root of it all, money. No one is under the impression that raising a child is cheap. Because it sure as heck isn’t. Despite how expensive having a baby is, there are a lot of ways to be crafty and save money while you also attempt to raise a happy, healthy baby.

1. Opt for household products
You don’t have to buy every baby product there is. Buy coconut oil, which you likely use for a number of other things, to help with diaper rash. Using extra soft paper towels with water is also a great way to create your own wipes.

2. Consignment stores, hand-me-downs, & Craigslist
Seriously, stop feeling like you need to buy everything new. Let the loved ones in your life buy you the new stuff. You stick to the used, with discretion of course. A lot of people sell like-new products online at an insanely low price. I know I do. Take clothes and other items from friends who are happy to rid of the boxes of stuff in their houses.

3. Stray from maternity clothes
Seriously, don’t bother buying a whole new wardrobe just for nine months. Put on your yoga pants, I promise they stretch with your stomach. Wear maxi dresses. Buy a band to put around jeans so you can leave them unzipped and unbuttoned. When it comes to nursing, use old sports bras and cut a hole so you can pump and feed.

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