Baby Talkin’

Bella Breakdown

Baby talk is not so cheap! You might have heard that participating in baby talk is not great for your child’s cognitive development. Well, throw that little factoid out the window. Baby talk is actually really great for children’s development. Studies have shown that using shortened words, or nicknames for everyday objects along with a long vowel sound, have actually helped children create a better overall understanding of language development.

There is also something soothing to children when you coo to them, and speak to them in a loving, higher toned manner. Also, at the most basic of levels, any verbal engagement with your child is going to be beneficial to their mental development. Children are far more engaged in what you’re saying when you’re speaking in a fun, “cutesy”, manner. It’s okay to call dogs, “doggies” and ducks, “duckies”, because ultimately it’s helping the child label what that item is.

So, forget all of the no fun parents who shame you for talking to your “wittle hunny”. No baby wants to have a serious discussion about how fast that train is going, but they’d much rather have you point out when a “choo choo” is on it’s way down the tracks.

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