Bachelor Colton Finally Jumps The Fence (Spoilers!)

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If you are a religious “Bachelor” viewer, then you have probably been waiting the whole season for one, iconic, dramatic, and epic scene: Colton Underwood. This season’s bachelor, launching himself over a fence in an angry, fed-up, “get me the hell out of here” sort of jump.

Fans have been anticipating this moment, wondering what could possibly make Colton shove his hand into a camera, rip his mic off, jump an absolutely massive fence (like… bigger than the wall Trump wants to build), and run away in the dead of night, in the middle of nowhere, in Portugal.

Well, I’ll tell you what made him do it. His frustrated, irrational actions are motivated by a force that can cause anyone to lose their marbles: rejection.

With only one episode left to go, our beloved Colton was down to his final three, but the truth is that he only had eyes for one. He revealed to viewers that he has his sights set on Cassie, and that she was the one who he loved and wanted to spend his life with.

Unfortunately for Colton, Cassie was not in the same headspace. She had been having doubts for a while, and when her father came to visit midway through the episode, her doubts careened out of control.

Her dad basically told her that he loved her mom from the moment he met her, and that if Cassie didn’t feel that way about Colton, then it wasn’t going to happen for them. Despite Colton’s pleas for her to stay and promises that they wouldn’t have to get engaged at the end of the show.

It seemed as though Cassie could not shake her dad’s words. She truly believed that if she didn’t love him now, then she never would. Hence, Colton was left broken-hearted and ready to jump the legendary fence.

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