Bath Bomb Benefits

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You’ve probably seen videos of crazy creative bath bombs while scrolling through your preferred social media medium. There are all kinds of bath bombs that create the most insane visuals when you drop them into your filled bathtub. But, are they beneficial in any way? Other than being aesthetically pleasing, bath bombs actually do provide some overall health benefits:

1. More Bath Time
Baths themselves are actually quite good for you. If you’re excited about getting to soak in your bath bomb, you reap the benefits of the bath itself. Baths can help fight colds, improve your circulation, and provide an overall calming effect to the body.

2. Essential Oils
Many bath bombs utilize essential oils in their ingredients. Essential oils are great for aroma-therapy, soothing skin, and even balancing hormones.

3. Improves Skin Care
Bath bombs contain a lot of ingredients that are soothing and healing for the skin. They help rejuvenate enzymes, giving the appearance of healthier, younger looking skin.

Be sure to choose bath bombs that are vegan and only use natural ingredients. Some bath bombs can contain harsh chemicals that may irritate the skin and throw off a woman’s pH. Taking all of this into consideration, it’s just up to you what kind of bath bomb you’d like to choose!

Check out the videos above for DIY bath bombs and crazy bath bomb trends.

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