Be Aware of These Bad Signs In Your Relationship

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No two people in a relationship get along perfectly. Everyone has differences, so arguments may occur. But how do you know if you are having arguments, or if your fights are a sign of a worse problem?

A lot of people enter into an emotionally abusive relationship and don’t even realize it. There are some signs that you need to pay attention to if you feel as though something isn’t right about your relationship.

1. You Are Always Apologizing
Sure, we know when we screw up, and it is super important to apologize for those screw ups. That being said, if your partner is not taking responsibility for their mess ups, and somehow putting the blame on you, this is a really bad sign.

2. They Change
Toxic people can come off as some of the most charming, loving, and caring people when you are first with them. However throughout the relationship, it seems as though the flip switches. They become callous, possessive, uncaring.

3. They Make You Insecure
Emotionally abusive partners, at their core, are likely very insecure. They will make you feel worse about all of your strengths. If you are smarter than them, they make you feel dumb. They might tear down your appearance, or belittle your career.

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