Be Proud of Your Partner

Bella Breakdown

In an age where social media rules, and displaying your relationship online is put up for question, we can’t help but be skeptical about flaunting our relationships. That being said there’s a fine line between not wanting to make your relationship a public spectacle, and just completely hiding it.

I’ve heard from a lot of friends that they don’t feel that their partner owns the relationship. Their significant other has withheld them from meeting friends, or family members and they can’t help but feel as though their partner is ashamed by them.

People obviously do things in their own time, that’s not question, but if you feel as though your partner is constantly compartmentalizing you from the rest of your life, it might be time to have a conversation. It’s important to be proud of the partner you have, and it feels great to have a partner who’s proud to be with you as well.

Of course you don’t need to be displaying every intimate detail of your relationship, which could very well be a sign of overcompensation. You do, however want to make sure your partner knows you take pride in them and your relationship together. If you do feel ashamed to disclose your relationship, it might be time to reassess.

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